15 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Tim morris says:

    Hi, I can see you anchored in Torbay. I live on the hill above the marina to your North. I have been trying buy a Nordhavn (55) for several years. Is there anything I can do to help you?

    Safe passage, Tim Morris


    • kapowaicruising says:

      Good afternoon Tim,

      Seeking shelter, got a bit adventurous last night and then a new gale warning was issued so discretion was called for. Weโ€™re fine at the moment but thank you for the thought.

      They are good boats and the 55 is nice. Hope you find one.


      Sean & Lois

      N6417 – Kapowai


  2. Royce Spencer says:

    Hi you two, wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog and your travels. I only just found your blog on the Nordhavn sight, which I visit religiously every week. I’m a great fan of the Nordhavn and am hoping ( wishing hard) for us to win the lottery so I can buy one ( an N76 or N68) and duplicate your wonderful travels. Looks like you will not be coming to Western Australia any time soon, but if you do, you have a some friends who would love to catch up and hear more of your travels.
    Kind Regards
    Royce Spencer, now an avid follower


    • kapowaicruising says:

      Hi Royce,

      Thank you for the email. We are having a great time. The N68 is a great boat, based on the N64 hull but a bit longer and on the FPH versions gives a bigger cockpit. Migration is a nice example of an APH 68.

      We are kiwis who moved to the UK but before that spent two years in Perth so you never know.

      Rgds Sean


      • Royce Spencer says:

        Hi Sean,

        Its a gorgeous spring day in Perth today, one of the those days you will remember when it is cool in the evenings and warm and balmy during the day, yet I remain envious of you two cruising . Where are you at the moment, still on the West Coast of the US?

        I’m a retired Marine Pilot, Master Mariner and ex RAN HarbourMaster and in to my 6th month of retirement. I am definitely over climbing up the side of ships in the early hours and usually in marginal sea states, but I find I am missing the sea and your adventures are just the medicine I need I think.

        Please let me know when you post some more photos and info on the blog. Who knows if the world treats me well, I might just get that N76 or N 68 FPH.
        Smooth seas



  3. Jeanne Rojas Cabrillo isle neighbor says:

    Hi Sean, Lois and Mark! I found your blog and lovely pictures! Love it! I would love to see Kate’s blog site also, but I’ve forgotten her blog name. ๐Ÿ˜• Could you tell me what it is? Thank you!


  4. Royce Spencer says:

    I suspect the email address has been down for some time. I have sent a number of emails and not heard from him prior to Panama. May be wrong, but it seems strange not to have had any responses.


  5. Ian Easton says:

    Hi Sean, you are certainly living the dream!! Boat looks superb. Thoroughly enjoying the blogs. Hope you and Lois are keeping well. Look forward to the continuing “adventures”.

    All the best


  6. Steve Ransfield says:

    HI Sean….. we are a couple from Auckland and are very keen to buy a Nordhavn. We were in Dana Pt this time last year and met all the nice people at Norhavn. We would love to have a N64 but your boat is more than we expected to pay.
    We would like to catchup and discuss.
    Steve Ransfield & Jenny Vernon
    You can contact me at sales@villahomes.co.nz
    Or 021 473113


  7. Real says:

    Hi Sean! I’m looking at an N64 with an MTU Series 60 diesel. It has mroe than 6,300 hours to date. How has your engine performed? Have you had significant problems? Any unexpected issues. Thanks!


  8. Grant Cashmore says:

    Hi Sean. I own an N52 in New Zealand and would like to go a bit bigger for cruising. Is Kapowai a fully imported New Zealand boat? I am told you have put her on the market? I would be keen to know a bit more about her. My email is: grant@timberwise.co.nz


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