About Kapowai

Kapowai is a Nordhavn 64, number 17 of that design built in 2010. We bought her in Sarasota (Longboat Key Moorings) in November 2014 and she sat there until the 22nd April 2015. On that date we sailed and this blog began.

66ft long, 21 ft beam and a draught of just under 7ft. Powered by a 400 HP MTU Series 60 diesel she cruises at 8 kts with a top speed (caps on backwards!!) – 10kts.

She has a 175 HP wing engine, two generators, water maker and all the fittings normal to a family home except the swimming pool is bigger, about 3000 miles bigger.

On the wheelhouse she has more electronics than the first 4 merchant ships I sailed on as a deck apprentice in 1977. That’s all of them together.

In port she is a lovely home, at anchor she is a revolving restaurant and at sea she is very lively. In the trade she is known as ‘stiff’, push her over and she whips straight back up again.

With a bow and stern thruster she is a delight to manoeuvre.

Like all her kind she has little problems, needs attention and hates neglect.

Please see:  http://www.nordhavn.com/models/64  for the full specs.

4 thoughts on “About Kapowai

  1. Bretton Young says:

    Hi Lois and Sean,

    Have been following your exploits since your Mum gave me your address. I am now working for Ensign Ship Brokers as a Broker – steep learning curve but enjoying it – still in Brisbane, so if you know anyone who wants to sell or buy ….!. Kapowai sounds and looks like a lovely vessel.

    Be safe and have fun.
    Bretton Young


  2. Richard Pierce says:

    Hi Sean and Lois,

    Just stumbled across your (excellent) blog! Fantastic to see that you’re both making the most of retirement and that the hard work was clearly worth it. Glad that you’ve made it back to the homelands, what a brilliant experience it must have been.

    Our boat is languishing in lay up thanks to Charlie who is now 2 and a half and keeps me/ us far too busy for the sailing!…all is good and we’re hanging in their on the work front! One day we can hopefully aspire to following in your footsteps!???

    Hope you’re both keeping well. All the very best for New Year and the rest of your travels wherever that may be? 🙂

    Rich and Magda xx


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