Whakatahuri Bay

Our anchorage for the night was Whakatahuri Bay at the bottom of Forsyth Bay, as usual with mussel farms and attendant shags.



In the 1950s the Wells brothers, Francis & Thomas, set up a ship breaking business in the bay which was, later, also well known for building boats. I think Lois’ grandfather had a boat built here. I’m not sure how much goes on here now but there is still a lot of evidence.


Close up of the wreck, she was the coastal vessel MV Tiroa.


As she was.


and the debris field, I think all the good stuff will have gone.


After a easy start we headed off.

Hallam Cove

After leaving Elaine Bay we steamed north toward Hallam Cove.  Approaching the entrance with Mt. Shewell in the background. The farm in the photograph is owned by one of the extended family.


The homestead at Te Towaka at the top of Hallam Cove, as usual a mussel farm in the bay.


A penguin, not easy to photograph as they dive on approach. The people in the sounds find them a nuisance as they like to nest under houses, noisy and smelly. These are the Blue Penguins, the smallest in the family.


Leaving the Pelorus Sound we round the point into Forsyth Bay, WW II gun emplacements on the point. Mostly manned by the Home Guard.


Anchored in Forsyth Bay for the night.