First of all an apology to those of you who read this. Since arriving back in New Zealand we have been going through some changes. We have bought a house, Kate & Jordan got married, Christopher & Toni got engaged and we didn’t do a lot of cruising over the winter.

The blog will resume where we left off doing a three day trip round the outer sounds. All the above topics will come in the right order.

One thought on “Apology

  1. Kevinwood75008@yahoo.com says:

    Hi my name is Kevin wood and I am writing to you from Elie Bay at the mid top end of Pelorus. Actually I have a holiday home here but I’m based in Europe. Phil And Neil sold me a N76 a year and a bit ago which I enjoyed but it all got too much so they found another customer and left me to figure out what next. I’m really looking now in the 52/55 ranges ..or…maybe another 76…but I know your boat is listed with Nordhavn and as I am so close it would be crazy not to at least look. Ive been chasing Phil on this but he’s in the states. I’m here only another week but I will fly out via Nelson. can we hook up? I don’t have good phone signal out here but if you e mail me ill give you contacts, thanks. K


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