Elaine Bay

We picked up the anchor next morning, flat calm with the sound of native birds tweeting & warbling through the morning mist.


After a leisurely breakfast we got underway and headed north. The islands on the approach to Tennyson Inlet and in the distance the hills behind Hallam Cove, a later destination.


Round the corner and into Elaine Bay, a fishing port and holiday area. It was in use before the road to French Pass was put in but has benefited now there is a road.  Here is the wharf and fuel dock. We didn’t tie up.


The holiday part.


I have been along the French Pass road several times but never came down to Elaine Bay, might have to go back and stay a night.


First of all an apology to those of you who read this. Since arriving back in New Zealand we have been going through some changes. We have bought a house, Kate & Jordan got married, Christopher & Toni got engaged and we didn’t do a lot of cruising over the winter.

The blog will resume where we left off doing a three day trip round the outer sounds. All the above topics will come in the right order.