Our home for the next two months is going to be Havelock, a port at the head of the Pelorus Sound where the Pelorus River meets the sea.

Kapowai moored in Havelock Marina at sunset.


Looking down on Havelock with a good view of the Pelorus Sound.


Havelock is the centre of the ‘greenshell’ mussel industry with over 60,000 tonnes of mussels passing over the wharf each year.  A lot of logs also come in by barge as well.

The port is interesting with a narrow channel winding through the mud flats. First time we came in an hour before high water and made note of the depths. The next time we came in an hour after low water and touched bottom a couple of times and then ran aground on the last leg into Havelock – a common grounding point especially if you take the turn too tight round the last point (above and to the left of the blue roof).

The next time we came in right on low water and made it all the way without problem.