After a lot of cruising we eventually arrived at Kapowai Bay. This is where Lois’ maternal grandparents lived and where she spent many school holidays. It is on the east coast of D’Urville Island just across from French Pass

This is the only photo I have of the house as it was, unfortunately any attempt to enlarge ends up a mess.


Here it is on the day we visited. A flood took out the old house. There are two creeks running through the property but it must have been some down pour.


Lois’ Grandfather was a launchman who did water taxi, fishing trips, scenic tours, moving freight and anything else he could do in his boat. His boat was called ‘Alamo’.

They had two children both born in Nelson, the first being my mother in law. Mother to be was run down to Nelson in the Alamo at a convenient time prior to the big day.  Must have been a fun ride.

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