Heading North

For a couple of reasons, such as no berth at Nelson Marina, we had to move round to the Havelock Marina in the Pelorus Sound. After departing Nelson we sailed passed Mackay Bluff. This is the source of the rocks and gravel that make up the Boulder Bank.


Looking up into Current Basin, South Island on the right, D’urville Island on the left and at the top is French Pass.


The next two photos are of Okuri Point. This is Lois’s Dads first farm which he farmed with his brother, Uncle Alan.

First is looking from the south.


Mustering sheep on this farm meant carrying a rifle. Any sheep that looked at though it was going to lead a mob over the bluffs was quickly shot. Pour encourager les autres.


A lot of land in the Marlborough Sounds has been purchased by people from the Northern Hemisphere. Some are rumoured to be survivalists who intend to flee here when mushroom clouds are expected up north.

A lot of the other farmland has proved uneconomic and been put into pine trees but at the top of the sounds there are a number of sheep farms still looking good.


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