Wine & Beer Tour

With the team recovered from the excitement of opening presents we spent a day doing a wine and beer tour. The bus picked us up at the marina to join another 3 couples who had the misfortune to book on the same day as the Kapowai crew. There was a couple from NZ, one from Aussie and one from Canada, who Owen (our Guide) managed to nickname “the grizzlies’. The tour was run by Bay Tours and they did an excellent job.

Our first stop was an organic vineyard, here are the vines. You can tell they are organic by the green leaves.


We tried 7 wines here and all were nice but their speciality wine ‘Blanc de Noir’ was very good.


Owen told us not to pat the dog but Lois had to and had a friend for life.


After that it was off to Seifried’s, a well known wine maker. The bus parked amongst the vines. These are not organic so they have green leaves.


The inside of the tasting area, our driver in the background.


Tasting session underway


Their most famous wine is a desert wine, ‘Sweet Agnes Riesling’.

After that it was off to lunch at the “Playhouse’. Lunch was fantastic. Here is the full team at lunch


We chose these two platters



When you finished you could feed the scraps to the eels in the lake, the ducks were usually too quick.


Then it was off to New Zealand’s oldest pub, not the first but the oldest that has been in continuous operation.  The Moutere Inn.

The road takes a big swerve to go past the pub, the story is the pub owner gave the road crew a keg a day to detour the planned route past the pub, which they did adding another 5 weeks to the contract time.


Jugs of local beer appeared and there was a few to try


Christopher’s photo after his second glass


Our last stop was at Bay Breweries where a few more local brews were sampled.

The Kapowai crew doing their bit


It was a beautiful day, sunny with a slight breeze. The tour was well done, busy but not rushed and Owen kept us entertained with local history and stories. The whole crew had a great day especially as the Captain paid. The Captain had a great day as he wasn’t driving.

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