Passage to Nelson

Our guests flew back to NZ so it was time to keep and eye on the weather and pick a departure date. Put it back twice but eventually it looked like we had a 7 days which would work, albeit with one day of 25 kts + approaching North Cape. Time to go.

We had used Asia Pacific Superyachts for the paperwork with our guests and they did another excellent job with the departure paperwork. Like other places once you get the clearance you don’t have long to let go.

Clearing the slip, by this time a number of boats had left for NZ and Australia – hurricane season the explains that.


Down the island heading toward the reef passage, a beautiful day.


Looking toward Musket Cove


Through the reef


Maybe not quite as calm outside


Goodbye to Fiji, an enjoyable two weeks. Good anchorages, friendly people, cold beer and warm weather.

The first day was OK, the second flat calm.


The third passable and then it got worse.


25 kts gusting 3o but a lovely 5 metre swell running through on an 8 second period.


Our first Albatross


We passed North Cape just after midnight, caught the tidal stream nicely and ran through at 11 kts. Our first site of NZ was off Taranaki. Didn’t see Mt. Egmont until later due to low cloud.


And then past my old stomping ground, Maui A platform.


The rest of the day was forecast for 25 kts but as we approached Farewell Spit it was a good 35 gusting 40+ with a rough beam sea. Even with the stabilisers we did some impressive rolls.

Arriving pleasure craft are not allowed to anchor in NZ so it was in and alongside at 0300. Customs and Bio-Security on the wharf waiting. Both were professional and courteous. Lois lost all her house plants and we lost all food items to do with birds including hard boiled eggs, any meat with bones in and any meat of doubtful or unidentified provenance. Plus any citrus including frozen sliced limes. The officer even wanted to take our breakfast but in the end let us cook the last of our bacon and the eggs in front of her and then took the shells and packaging.

18 years after we left we were back in NZ – what will we find.


2 thoughts on “Passage to Nelson

  1. yoginisailor says:

    Wow! You made it!! I’m glad you guys made it safe. It’s been a pleasure to meet you, sail with you a bit and then carry on reading about your adventures. I wish you all the best in NZ and look forward to hear what it has in store for you!! Sarah


  2. Royce Spencer says:

    Welcome home mate, what a wonderful adventure you have had, vicariously so have we. Thank you for all your wonderful emails and photos, it has been a magical time which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Happy Christmas.
    I’m flying in to AKL next Tuesday morning ( 13th) for a few days, if your available, would love to catch up and buy you both a beer or six. I fly out to Perth again on Friday 16th. Email me if you can.
    Kind Regards


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