Our anchorage for the night was in a cove formed by three islands, Navadra, Vanua Levu and tiny Vanua Lailai.

What you imagine a south pacific island would look like, the northern end of Navadra.



The reef filled gap between Navadra and Levu.


Little Lailai joined to Levu by a sand causeway.


The beach we landed on for exploration and swimming, the causeway to Lailai running off to the left. There were hermit crabs everywhere, even under the trees.


The beach on the other side, while swimming.


Good holding but a swell caused rolling so for only the second time we put a flopper stopper out. It worked well until the two of the chains snapped. Recovered it was quickly repaired and re-deployed.

We had a BBQ on the back deck and swam off the back of the boat – perfect tropical holiday.

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