On arrival we were instructed to anchor off the Royal Suva Yacht Club and await the various officials. We were anchored at 0900, granted pratique at 1230 and cleared in at 1700.

At anchor looking shoreward.


The harbour had several of these rafts of fishing boats, not sure why they were all laid up in Suva.


Once cleared in we went ashore, mainly to get a sim card for internet. Fiji proved excellent for coverage and we had data while cruising round even when well off the coast.

The next day we spent longer ashore getting all the required cruising permits in place, this entailed visiting 4 different offices spread round Suva. So we had a good look round.

We also visited the market for some fresh produce, nice to get some hot chillies.


I offered to buy the crew one of these for dinner but they were happy with a meal at the yacht club.



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