Rarotonga to Fiji

To avoid arriving in Suva on the weekend it was time to leave delightful Rarotonga. Strangely you have to leave immediately the clearance is issued but they did give me 30 minutes to walk back to Kapowai.

6 day passage to Suva, Rarotonga astern.


We ran a lure during the day and caught this fish, a good fighter and it took me ages to land it. It smelt terrible and was very slimy so went straight back overboard. Hopefully alive.  Getting the lure out was a worry as it had enormous sharp pointed teeth. We didn’t know what it was but from the photo more knowledgeable people said it was a barracuda.


Passing through Tonga, unfortunately not enough time to call in.


Landfall in Fiji, still a good day away from Suva. Nice passage, nothing rough.


Suva harbour in sight. Nice passage, nothing rough.




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