Avatiu Town

Avatiu is an attractive town, the shops etc are all down the landward side of the street and the seaward side is a park. At the other end of town from the port was a nice pub, “Trader Jacks” where we had drinks once and a lunch another day.

The shops were mostly tourist related with the big supermarket in the other direction from the port. There is also a daily market with a few sellers that has Saturday as the main event.

Being associated with New Zealand there is a lot of NZ goods for sale. After 18 years away it was an introduction to the names we have not seen for so long, Watties, Tip-Top, Edmunds, Steinlager. We stocked up on Watties baked beans to have for breakfast.

There was also an excellent grog shop, ‘The Bond’ whose owner, Richard, visits every Nordhavn. He stocked the local beers so bought a few to try.

Looking down the main street.


The coastal side


Another view


the coast, there was a billboard up showing a plan for future development of this area including a swish marina – that will really make this beautiful island an attractice cruising location. I would come back.



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