Passage to Rarotonga

Next morning I got a taxi to the airport to clear out. Found the correct office whereupon the officer said “where are the rest of the crew”. This despite being told by various people that only the Master was required. Back to the taxi, who was waiting, back to the boat, get Lois & Mark, back to the airport. They never got spoken to and the officer seemed a bit embarrassed – I guess she had been corrected later.

No harm though as we all stopped at the supermarket on the way back.

At the boat with all the paperwork we let go and headed off down the reef to the passage out. The reef with Moorea in the distance.


The reef passage


Looking back at the marina and mooring field – would you swim there?


Almost out at sea, bit lively on the last bit with the contesting water flows.


Moorea to starboard


Looking back at Tahiti after a few hours


The Pacific as it should be and is so seldom


3 days later landfall at Rarotonga, a lovely trip.


A bit closer, looks nice to me.



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