Ko Olina

Ko Olina is a resort area on the west coast of Ohau. It has several time share / hotels in a line along the coast. Lovely swimming lagoons which are open to the public during daylight hours and some restaurants nearby.


The water temperature was just right, invigorating but warm enough to stay in for some time. Sandy with a little bit of wave action through the man made reefs.


Nearby we had some beers and meals at Longboards and a bit further away at Ko Olina Station we had a nice lunch at MonkeyPod.

Ko Olina Station because of:


No explanation but as there is a large chimney a bit further up I guess this is a sugar cane railway. They still run tourist type carriages along here.

Ko Olina

On arrival we met the Port Captain, in the various items discussed we asked about rainfall. Never was the answer, on the hills yes, but not here.

The next day, trapped on board until the early afternoon. We never saw the Port Captain again, was he an imposter?



Arriving Hawaii

Landfall after 11 days at sea, always nice.


The volcanic nature soon apparent



The landfall all Honolulu homeport seafarers want to see, Diamond Head.


Can you imagine in the days of manned light houses the requests for this appointment, especially from the Aleutian Islands.


Passing Honolulu on our way to the Marina at Ko Olina on the west coast.


Rain behind the city.


There was a USAF Galaxy doing ‘touch & go’ exercises as we approached Barber Point. We thought on one of them we might get an overhead but they varied the pattern so it never happened.


Looking north along the coast as we approached the marine channel