Passage to Christmas Island

We departed Honolulu early in the morning, as usual, and set course for Christmas Island. A six day passage through the trade winds. It was certainly lively with winds broad on the port bow throughout the passage, between 20 – 30 kts and due to the consistency a good sea had built up.

We went through the doldrums but hardly noticed them, the wind dropped and became variable for about 2 hours, good rain showers but next thing we were back to 20+ kts.

We were all pleased to see Christmas Island appear, it is very low lying.


We went into the lagoon but it was too windy for comfort plus being on a lee shore would have made me a bag of nerves so it was back up the coast a bit to a nice quiet spot.


Just how a tropical beach should look, you can see the lagoon through the gaps in the trees.

Looking back down to the lagoon entrance, white caps in sight.


Mark went in on the tender to get the officials, ran aground, got wet and when he got there they decided the tender was too small and said they would come out tomorrow in their own boat.  So we had a nice quiet night at anchor, after 6 days of being knocked around by the trades is was a pleasant change.

The next morning out they came, a tanker was arriving that morning so they had the two of us to visit.


The officials were efficient and friendly so we were soon cleared in.





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