Mattress Run to Kiritimati

It was time to leave Honolulu and head south to Tahiti. After some discussion we decided to break the 12 day trip up by calling in at Kiritimati (Christmas Island).  6 days and 6 days.

After reading a blog by another Nordhavn owner,

Christmas Island, KIRIBATI

and the comments on Noonsite I decided to email the owners of the Lagoon View, Timei and Tima Kaitaua asking if they wanted anything. Timei and Tima are known to the cruising community for their help and advice, every report I had read or heard was positive.

The reply was a ‘queen size’ and a ‘twin size’ mattress.  The twin size had us fooled as it looks more like a UK single but in the end we got the right ones.

The mattress’ were bought from the Wholesale Mattress Company and delivered to the Ala Wai Marina, thanks Dean.

Loaded on we sailed. Departing Honolulu


The queen mattress was far too big for our tender so we asked Timei for a boat. The crew happily provide sea-fastening:


The destination


Easy to find, turn right at the yacht


Timei after the landing operation


Our first view of Lagoon View


As close to Paradise as you will ever get

A mattress safely delivered


We were then treated to a tour of the island, see next posts, and a lunch of local lobster with tuna.

Have a holiday some time soon.



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