Pacific Air Museum

Our next visit, another short bus ride, was the Air Museum. Full of interesting exhibits and displays.

Holes in the door from 7th December 1941, one of the staff told us he keeps asking about repairing them but it is a no go!


This was one of the most fascinating items, a B-17 that had crash landed in Papua New Guinea after being damaged during a raid on Rabaul (from memory). They landed on a clear patch that turned out to be a swamp, it took them 6 weeks to get to a place of rescue. Malnourished and ravaged by malaria, that’s some mission. Bet Operations had them scheduled for another mission the next day!

A renovation team went recently and dug her out, a few problems getting her exported but here she is in Pearl Harbour. Look at the condition of her, amazing, talk about built to last.



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