Pearl Harbour – USS Bowfin

Mark and I had a trip to Pearl Harbour Historic sites. after checking in the first visit was to the USS Bowfin, a WW II submarine.


To the left of this photograph is a memorial to all the US Navy submarines and submariners lost in action during WW II. There was  an engraved stone for each submarine and another for those lost individually (where the submarine itself was not lost). Very brave men who had a huge impact on the war with Japan and to see, in a physical form, the losses they endured was striking.

Forward torpedo room.


Instrumentation and controls in the Control Room


Looking up through a hatch in the control room to the periscope housings


The initial feeling was how spacious the whole submarine was but missing was the 85 odd crew members, their personnel effects and the stores required for their voyage.

Once you think about that plus the smells associated with the crowding, bilges, rotting stores, fuel and unwashed bodies you start to appreciate the difficult conditions the crews endured.

The galley.


Looking aft through the machinery spaces


The memorial to the left with USS Bowfin





One thought on “Pearl Harbour – USS Bowfin

  1. Royce Spencer says:

    HI Guys,
    Glad you had a good trip across, bet your glad your not transiting the East Coast of USA at the moment. Not sure your getting the emails anymore? but hoping that you are. Love your pictures and what a fantastic place to visit. Are you intending to visit the other islands as well? Trust your both well.
    Kind Regards


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