Departing San Diego

We had a great time in San Diego and also got a lot done on Kapowai. The main engine had a full 5000 hours service and inspection,  a new Permanent Magnetic Gear Reduction (PMGR) starter fitted and the old one re-built as a spare, the hull was cleaned, anodes renewed, the electrical system finally configured in a sensible manner for use in 50Hz countries and a load of other small items done. Plus loads of spares bought. A new Gas cooktop fitted with a wok burner so now the stir fry dishes are going to be done as they should be. With all that done it was time to sail.

Our neighbours in the marina had been helpful, friendly and well wishing so, as always, it was sad to be on our way. Thanks to all of you especially Mario & Jeannie on Gala.

Departing Cabrillo Isle Marina, with one of the best Sandwich shops ever.


Spanish Landing to starboard, this is the original landing site for the 4 Spanish expeditions, two by sea and two by land that met here.


These are pens for marine mammals, not sure if it is a hospital or has another function, can you see the dolphins?


Looking back at the city with a USN Osprey overhead.


Passing the submarine base


Another seal resort


Goodbye San Diego



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