Passage to Marina del Ray

After a pleasant stay we departed Alamitos and headed north. First stop was Los Angeles to bunker.


Heading up the channel past the US Coast Guard base. Ahead of us a battleship museum. I have seen the ‘USS Texas’ in Houston, TX, the ‘USS New Jersey’ in Camden, NJ and in Los Angeles, Ca, it is the ‘USS Iowa’?


After bunkering we headed back out past this old Liberty ship.


All the buoys we passed were happily claimed


The obligatory lighthouse at the end on the port breakwater.


Approaching Marina Del Ray, it is huge with over 7000 berths with a ferry that runs round them.


Passing Fishermans Wharf on the way in, the obligatory lighthouse.



Kapowai berthed, the tent behind us was for a performance of Madame Butterfly so we had a free dress rehearsal and the main performance as well.



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