Downtown Los Angeles

After Venice Beach we had a quick trip to downtown. As it was Sunday town was a bit quiet.

Angel’s Flight cable cars, not working on Sunday. Opposite was an excellent food market where we had lunch, with craft ales.


The civic centre, nicely labelled by our Photographer. There is a lot of memorials to the Police and Firefighters.


The entrance to China Town


Famous Route 66 goes through China Town – trivia question of the week.


I would like to have gone back on a week day but time did not permit.



One thought on “Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Royce Spencer says:

    LA is an interesting city, but I avoided downtown LA at night except for one night when a group of us went downtown and road up the outside of a tall hotel tower to a restaurant . Beautiful views but scary as all shit going up and down in a glass lift. Certain parts certainly had a “lift” during both journeys.
    You must be close to getting away. Hows the weather looking??
    Cheers guys


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