Passage to Los Angeles

We eventually got the paperwork done by 1200 and departed Ensenada for Alamitos Bay Marina south of LA.

An easy overnight cruise arriving early in the morning so dropped the hook for a few hours. During the passage there was a US Navy aircraft carrier  to seaward of us. They were doing air operations and were constantly putting out warnings on VHF 16. However there were still some boats who got in the way and it was fun listening to them warning them off.

By 0700 the channel was busy with sport fishing boats, the breakwater crowded with fishermen and another Sunday on the water began.

Managed to get hold of the marina so tied up at reception and signed in. Went round to the berth and waited for Customs. Two officers soon turned up and went through all the paperwork and we were officially in the USA.

Kate joined us and we had a relaxing day catching up.

A beautiful sunset on our first evening in California.


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