The ‘liveaboards’ in the marina told me that Ensenada is a ‘gringo’ town, made popular in the days of prohibition. Close to the border with the US it was an easy drive for a drink and a gamble in the casinos.

Possibly why the city was dominated by a huge flag that flew day and night.


The first couple of days were taken up with getting the starter motor off the engine and up the road, it was found to be a faulty solenoid. With that replaced it was back on and the engine started OK.  Luckily for me one of the Nordhavn owners in the marina, Gale Plummer (Worknot) is a very experienced diesel hand and he helped me do it all.  For some reason, despite switching everything off and disconnecting the batteries, there was still 26 Volts on the positive side. Gale was most amused as I kept dropping spanners in the bilge trying to get the leads off the pole, had to put some latex gloves on to finish – running out of spanners!

The town itself was interesting, lovely buildings, nice tile work. A selection of photos.




Lois was most taken with this shop.



We ate ashore on both nights, every restaurant advertised craft ale but when requested there were lots of sad faces and apologies. Quiet season probably.

It was a nice town and a longer visit would have been nice but Kate was in Los Angeles waiting for us so we got the clearance on the third day and set off for LA.


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