Passage to Ensenada

Our next leg was a little longer than we had been used to, just under 1000 NM to Ensenada. This is where we would clear out of Mexico as it is just on the border and then have an trip to Los Angeles.

We had an easy crossing of the Golfo de California but as we went north the wind built and, much to our surprise, the temperature dropped rapidly. Down to 22*C from 35*c, blankets on the bed at night! Still shorts and t-shirts though.

The waves got short and nasty so we slowed down and at night we hove to as it got bumpy. In the end we pulled into load a bit of fuel and have a break. San Quinten is a lovely bay full of seals. One of the locals came out with some extra fuel and we all got bitten to death by the local mossies.

The Bay


Bunkering crew


All ready to go but the main engine wouldn’t start, wouldn’t even turn over as the starter motor solenoid was duff.

Slow steamed to Ensenada on the wing engine.

Islands off Ensenada


Not the best trip we have had and we were all pleased to arrive.