The Bar – Inward

Bahia Del Sol is a bar port, the marina provide a pilot to guide boats in and out.  Bar passages are done at high tide so we had to wait for about 4 hours so we anchored.

At 1130 the pilot boat called up and we steamed over to where they were waiting. The pilot’s instructions were quite simple – follow me at full speed. I can live with those instructions. Here is the pilot boat, the pilot is driving and Bill, from the marina, is doing the talking and taking photos.


Off we go, being chased by a wave. The pilot did a zig zag course, we were in hand steering so it was hard work keeping up with the course changes. Could have used the NFU with the hydraulic assist but being old fashioned I like the wheel and the feed back you get.

kapowai 7-17-2016 11-49-45 AM

Kapowai with a bone in her teeth, full speed and staying close to the pilot boat.

kapowai 7-17-2016 11-50-038

Over the bar, never less than 12 feet below the keel.


Shore side shanties, we had a very good lunch here a few days later


The beach on the other side, very popular


The marina further up the estuary. We were greeted like royalty with cocktails on arrival.


Fun had by all.