Passage to Costa Rica

Our time in Panama had come to an end, we lost a good crew member as Sol left us to return to Glasgow.

We sailed from the marina to a bunker barge and took on fuel for the passage north. Then down Bahia Panama and up the coast.

Next morning doing a bit of rock hopping through the islands we came across a whale and calf.


The calf was very active with a lot of tail slapping, possibly a tantrum of some sort but Mum did not seem bothered.



I don’t think it would be no swimming for at least an hour after lunch in this case, which was always good for a performance from our children.

The next day we picked up a hitch hiker, the first time I have ever seen a Gannet do this.


It was very calm and we walked close by with no signs of alarm.


It was a pleasant 2 day cruise.


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