Isla Del Rey & La Esmeralda

Picked up the anchor and did a slow steam down the east coast of the largest island, Isla Del Rey. It is a national marine park and known for Hump Back Whales, we saw several but never close enough to photograph.

The coast looked wild.


local fishermen


We turned up at the village of La Esmeralda late in the afternoon.


A local fishing boat was alongside in a flash and we bought 5 fish which we grilled for supper.


Next thing we were flooded with young lads who thought diving off the boat was the best thing ever


And they kept coming


We gave them some pizza, some wolfed it down but one lad carefully divided his piece into three and shared it with others. Next was pop corn which produced a huge bun fight with some lads getting double hands full and others nothing, another bowl was split up into several smaller bowls with better results.  The lads waiting for more


Lois rounded them up for a photo, but some were too shy


Water pistols were well received and we let them keep them, I could imagine them getting a slap from Dad after a poorly planned shot.


We were going to anchor there for the night but we would be having visitors all night so moved down to the next bay where we promptly chased out by the transport police who has some sort of base there.

So we steamed across the channel to Isla San Jose to anchor.



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