Miraflores Locks

Given the short distance we steamed down to Miraflores with Catalyst rafted alongside.


The gates open after we dropped down in the first chamber, the museum and visitor observation platform visible to the left.


The control station


The gates open in the first chamber



A look at the incline between the locks, tracks for the mules and also the track they lock onto.


A photo from instagram, photographer unknown but thanks.

thumb_image1 copy_1024

The final gate opens. The swing bridge on the left used to carry a railway line over the canal.


Catalyst makes a quick getaway, anything to beat Lois to the supermarket.


It was a great transit, the crew demonstrated good seamanship skills and we all had fun.

The canal is a magnificent piece of engineering but for others its just a good fishing spot


The Bridge of the Americas and behind that the Pacific Ocean


PS: Lois gave all the groceries back.


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