The Gap

As we got closer we passed the diversion to the new locks:


At this stage the Pilot was getting us to slow down, he didn’t think the Ocean Dream would slow down enough for us to overtake but after a chat with their Pilot he asked me for full speed again.

We went down the port side of the Ocean Dream with her still moving ahead, more radio chats and she went still. Nice Pilot had given us a chance. Our Pilot says, Can You?  With a long wait as the alternative just watch.


At this point it looked like a big gap, I was more worried about their lines hanging down getting fouled on the mast or an antenna.


The Pilot was worried about their bulbous bow but it was well tucked in under the flare of the bow, we would be doing damage before that.


The Ocean Dream crew woke up and pulled their lines up as we ran the gap



No problems, the Bridge Team have a laugh.


The Catalyst waits for us at the end of the lockthumb_IMG_1935_1024.jpg

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