We had a pleasant run down the lakes and into the start of the cut eventually anchoring near the dredging base. All done in the dark.

This is the view in the morning, the Pilot was determined to anchor close to the dredge despite their objections. The next morning they chased us off so we picked up the anchor and moved a 100 metres.

The dredge


Looking back along the canal, we moved from this position to a position between these and the next set of mooring buoys. Another dredge in the background with an east bound tanker behind. The dredging base to the right. There was 4 dredges working along this short stretch.


Looking across the canal. The train crossing the bridge is carrying containers across the isthmus. The larger container ships discharge one side, the containers are railed over and loaded on another container ship. Now the large locks are open and the canal wider the ships may go back to transiting the canal.