Gatun Locks 3

The move through the three locks proceeded without any cause for concern, the deck crew getting used to the routine and the short steam between each lock going well.

Night fell which made photography a bit more difficult. Moving into the second chamber:


Looking back:


Last lock finished we let go from both the lock and the Catalyst.


Clear of Gatun Locks as is Catalyst


We were supposed to go to anchor for the night near this position but the Pilot said we had to go on down to another anchorage about 4 hours away. This was disappointing as we missed the Gatun Lakes even though it was a nice night.

The agent told me later that this was the Pilot’s decision, the bum, if he had finished at the Gatun Locks he would not have had enough hours but by running down the canal he then had his hours in and did not have to do another ship that night.



One thought on “Gatun Locks 3

  1. Royce Spencer says:

    Had to smile, and your right…. It could ( and would) happen to anyone. Nicely done anyway. What was the cost for the transfer through the first three gates? or is there one cost for the entire canal??
    Keep the info and great photos coming, so enjoy sharing your journey.


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