Gatun Locks 1

Small vessels lock up and down with a ship transiting the canal. Going up you go in after them and going down you lock in ahead. This is to do with the turbulence as the water enters / leaves the lock plus the interaction of fresh and salt water especially in the lower locks.

Going up we were locking in with the ‘Polar Stream’ and were also rafting up with the Catalyst. They were looking a bit thin on it, not enough to eat probably. Wonder why?

The new bridge:


Lois’ Ferry, waiting for us to pass.


Staying with the old channel with the new one off to port, have to be a big ship to go that way and as they use tugs each end I can’t see small boats doing it.


Polar Stream arriving at the first Gatun lock gates.


Kapowai’s arrival at the Gatun locks, for the first time ever, is welcomed by an excited crowd throwing flowers and chugging champagne.




Then again if it was the 25346th ship you had seen it is not surprising.

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