Departing Shelter Bay

While Lois did the epic shopping trip I stood around waiting for the Canal measurement man to turn up, cancelled three days in a row. I think this was because the new canal was being opened that weekend so it was all hands to.

The new canal opened on Sunday and we started our transit on the following Monday. Instructions were to be at the ‘flats anchorage pilot station’ for 1715 but to monitor VHF 12 for instructions starting 4 hours before that.

We left Shelter bay at 1545 to steam the 4 NM to anchor flats.  Cristobal Signal Station advised and pilot confirmed for 1715, traffic situation advised, Kapowai cleared to cross the channel.

Crossing the channel we could see the new locks for the ‘big ships’ off to starboard:


Approaching Colon


We anchored at 1612 and at 1720 we had a pilot on board.


Captain, get the anchor up and follow that ship:



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