Epic Shopping Trip

Shelter Bay had a free courtesy bus to the super market, the first time we tried it was cancelled. Lois went on her own the next day.

The trip involved a ferry across the canal approaches. This is the tricky bit as it is very busy, is secondary to canal traffic and does not always run on time plus there were strikes on at the time.

Lois had a lucky trip over, first ferry on time and she was at the Supermarket after an hour and 15 min.

After finishing the shopping she sat there for ages, no bus. Luckily the crew of the Catalyst were there so they shared a taxi back.


Waiting for the ferry, too many ahead to get the first and got the second:

DSC00932The new bridge under construction:


When Lois got back with a barrow full of groceries we all worked happily to unpack and stow the bounty. However there seemed to be a few unusual items and after a bit of thought (why did you buy this, we don’t eat it?) we found that Lois had managed to ‘acquire’ a couple of bags of groceries off the crew of Catalyst. Honest mistake Gov!

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