Arriving in Panama

After a two day trip we arrived in Panama and threaded our way through the anchorage to the breakwaters and then onto the Shelter Bay Marina.

The trip was rough with a big beam swell that crept round to the port quarter. On the second day a very large wave caught us and rolled us over to starboard. We had the stabilisers on but still rolled over 40 degrees.  The coffee table fell over which it has never done before and even the cast iron pan stands on the gas stove came off.  We rolled so far the GPS compass lost the satellites and dropped out, loads of alarms went off on the bridge all at once as all the computers lost heading input.  The auto pilot, now un-guided by a compass, put the rudder over hard a port. It was a fun few minutes.

Some of the crew were pleased to see this:


Through the Breakwaters and even more pleased to see the marina


Arrival at Shelter Bay


One that didn’t make it