Discovery Bay

An easy day trip brought us to Discovery Bay, one of the two sites that claim Christopher Columbus first landed in Jamaica. Pleasant anchorage but not a lot to do or see. I wonder if he thought the same?

The cruising permit said we had to notify Customs immediately on arrival. We launched the tender and after a bit of running around found a beach near the port. One of the lads on the beach walked me up to the port and stayed with me until Customs had been notified and then walked me back. CJ was a bit worried as I left him and walked into the darkness but he and his friends were smoking Ganja and were very mellow.

As we left the beach we were quickly picked up by the Coast Guard cutter who had already been to Kapowai so we all went back there for an inspection. No problems and the three of them were very helpful.

The beach looked nice but it was mostly private.



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