After a pleasant night at anchor we picked up the hook and said goodbye to Key Biscayne.


Continued our rock hopping down the coast and started along the Keys until we came to the 5 Channel bridge where we went in and anchored for the night.




After getting a few things done, including finding and curing the on going power problems on the navigation system, we sailed from North Palm Beach.

Went outside and down the coast, close to the coast to avoid the gulf stream and did a good speed.

Went back in at Miami heading for Key Biscayne.

Miami at sunset


Old Port Cove Marina

Our destination was a little way up the ICW, the above named Marina. Often referred to as the Nordhavn capital. There was a lot of Nordhavns there and a good percentage of them were away cruising. Nordhavn have a base here so it was nice to get some support and certainly helped getting spares and stores.

We were assigned a berth in the Nth Basin, photo taken on the way in with the Sth Basin in the background:


The marina was fantastically helpful and took old flares, used oil and had the best pump out facility we have ever come across.


Atlantic Loop

On the 29th April 2015 we sailed out of the Lake Worth channel back into the Atlantic after a couple of days avoiding bad weather.

The other day we sailed back in after the passage across the strait from Honeymoon Harbour, crossing the Gulf Stream as we did so. This was the first time we had crossed our Northward passage and in doing so we completed a clock wise Atlantic Loop.


Nice to be back in the ICW although doing it on a Sunday may not have been a good idea.

The photo does not really capture the scene. Add in the engines revving, music blaring, bbq smoke (delicious), good natured yelling and the laughs of people enjoying their day to complete.


The beach at Peanut Island


Honeymoon Harbour

At the end of a beautiful passage we anchored just outside Honeymoon Harbour for the night. Calm conditions made for great swimming.

Christopher took this photo of Kapowai.