We left Key West at 0300 as the next port was a good 12 hours away and we wanted to arrive in daylight. Private vessels are not allowed in Havana so we headed for Marina Hemingway a little to the west of Havana.

Through the entrance and passing the maritime police office. The locals happy to see us.


Looking down the channel. We tied up to the customs berth, formalities were quickly done and the officials were friendly, courteous and efficient. Not long after we headed to our berth.




The marina was built pre-revolution. While we were there a tremendous amount of work was being done for a game fishing competition with 140 odd boats expected. There is three canals like this one. A supermarket, a couple of restaurants, cigar and liquor shop and a ship supply grocer. Local beer and liquor was very cheap.


Electrical supply was good but we had to go to a local hotel to get wifi. The marina has the hardware but no connection. The staff were very helpful.

The hotel pool, we were initially discouraged by the $10 fee to use the pool but later found out that included all the food and drink you wanted.thumb_DSC00811_1024

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