Puerto Bahia

Our next stop, after an overnight trip from Puerto Rico was a resort & marina at Puerto Bahia, Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic. The bay is well known for Hump Back whales but hearing of our intended visit they had sensibly scarpered. The best time to see them is January – March.

It was quiet at the resort but very restful and we enjoyed swimming in the pool that was right next door.

At sunset, the restaurant and pool behind Kapowai. The catamaran in front of us was home to a French couple and their 5 children. Home schooled and touring the world, they all looked cheerful.


Puerto Rico

We made a quick stop in Puerto Rico, staying At SunBay Marina in Fajardo. A pleasant spot although the harbour looked a bit tricky for some.


We were planning to stop in San Juan but the marina never answered the enquiries or emails so we cruised past, as did our credit cards.

Pity as the forts looked interesting.

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In any marina where fish are landed, usually filleted etc, are these large game fish waiting for the unwanted bits. They move extremely quickly and I wouldn’t want to fall in.


Our tender will give an idea of their size, they can grow to 8ft long and 280 lbs.


While we were there an iguana swam through, a couple of the Tarpon had a look at it but it managed, in some manner, to scare them off. They could have swallowed it whole.

They are caught at sea as a game fish that is very challenging as they leap a lot but are not good eating and are usually released.