Pig Beach

After the passage through we anchored off pig beach and took the tender ashore for a look. Supposedly marooned, by pirates?  Or survivors from a shipwreck? The pigs have been here for sometime and are very popular.

They were straight onto us and knew that recent arrivals were more likely to have food. They were well behaved although sometimes grabbed food if another pig was nearby. They also bunted if they thought you were holding back.


They loved the water but did not like being splashed.thumb_DSC00711_1024

They knew the tourist boats and spent a lot of time with them and swam well out to get the best place.


This guy could get them to sit for food, somewhat remarkable for pigs and I wonder how many bites he got doing the teaching.


They could be a little adventurous as well.


Once they get the idea of getting into the boat it could be a lively experience.

The old relationship of eggs and bacon seems intact if a little competitive, the chicken was usually too quick for them.


Looking from the beach at the anchorage, a popular spot. Kapowai well out as it is shallow.


We had CJ’s friend, Jenna, with us, a very capable crew member.

Jenna is a farmers daughter from St. Cyrus. Here she is with a 3 foot arm trying to politely feed a pig 6 feet away.


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