We returned to Kapowai after lunch and had a rest before going for a swim. I wandered out side and looked aft, funny, that tender downwind looks just like ours. Quick look aft, no tender, it is ours!!

Quickest way to get it was launch the kayak. My brother was the last to use and he said to me before he left to check the lashings.  I wish I had, it wasn’t lashed so much as laced to the rails. It took ages to unlace it and throw it in the water. Lois was aft and she started putting the seats in. I helped and we pushed off paddling to catch up.

The kayak was terrible, the swell was making it roll and it was yawing all over the place. But with some steady work we caught the tender, jumped aboard and towed the kayak back to Kapowai.

Only then did we realise we had put the seats in the kayak back to front and we had actually been paddling stern first, poor performance explained. Good exercise though and it was straight in for a swim after that.



We anchored in Frigate Bay just south of Basseterre. We were rolling a bit so decided to use the flopper stopper for the first time.  Reduced the roll with only one out although later on we started to roll again.

When we recovered it prior to sailing we found that two of the chains had broken, both at the same end so the plate was hanging vertically and doing nothing.

The next day we took the tender up to Basseterre for a walk round and lunch.

Main Street.


Independence Square.


The hills behind the town, all the islands look similar due to their volcanic formation.



At anchor off Charlestown we sat through a furious tropical downpour, one of those times you wished you could collect freshwater.

Next thing you know we have a little visitor. Must have been hunting insects over the water and we were the closest shelter.


Very timid but we carefully built a tent over the top with a towel as it seemed to be shivering and very wet.

Stayed in there for about an hour then became active and scuttled onto a chair where we left it. Gone the next morning – hope it got lots of mossies.


Arrived in Nevis and cleared in then relaxed for the day before going ashore the next morning. Lovely people, the whole process was pleasant, questions answered, advice given and swiftly completed.

There was a band in the square and we sat on the boat and had dinner with a nice musical background.  Dinner finished at 2000 and the band was still going at 0400, luckily we were well offshore otherwise hearing loss could have been a problem.

Despite all the blood curdling warnings on the web about dinghy theft in the Caribbean it was not allowed to lock the tender to the wharf in Nevis. We soon found out why, Pelican Security was on the job:


No light fingers allowed here.

We had a wander about and enjoyed the local architecture.