On the 22nd April 2015 we sailed from Longboat Key Moorings.  Here is a summary of  the last year:

Distance:  13007 Nautical Miles

Main Engine Hours:   1605

It has been a busy and fascinating year. We both think travelling up the ICW from Charleston to Portsmouth was the highlight.


Partly the easy cruising in sheltered water but mostly the fun we had meeting other cruisers as went along. Friendly, helpful and always ready for a laugh.

Beautiful spots as well.


Travelling up the Hudson was also great and we were disappointed we didn’t have the time to go further.


Visiting friends in Faeroe Islands


NW Spain with its history and long association with the sea.


Beautiful Porto.


Lisbon with its rich sea-faring history.


The Rock.


Denia to visit friends.


The Atlantic crossing.


Now we are heading up the Caribbean Islands toward Florida. That will complete a clock wise Atlantic loop.

Then south to Panama, the canal, the west coast up to Dana Point where Nordhavn are based. Then across to Hawaii, down through the Pacific Islands and back to New Zealand.


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