We returned to Kapowai after lunch and had a rest before going for a swim. I wandered out side and looked aft, funny, that tender downwind looks just like ours. Quick look aft, no tender, it is ours!!

Quickest way to get it was launch the kayak. My brother was the last to use and he said to me before he left to check the lashings.  I wish I had, it wasn’t lashed so much as laced to the rails. It took ages to unlace it and throw it in the water. Lois was aft and she started putting the seats in. I helped and we pushed off paddling to catch up.

The kayak was terrible, the swell was making it roll and it was yawing all over the place. But with some steady work we caught the tender, jumped aboard and towed the kayak back to Kapowai.

Only then did we realise we had put the seats in the kayak back to front and we had actually been paddling stern first, poor performance explained. Good exercise though and it was straight in for a swim after that.