After 3 weeks in Antigua we were back to just the two of us and ready to move on. First stop was Montserrat. Well known for the volcano, Soufriere Hills, that decided to wake up in 1995 and has been active ever since.

Plymouth, the capital city and port was destroyed so the new port is now at Little Bay:


After clearing in we hired a taxi and had a tour. The roads in the northern part are generally good but once you get closer to the volcano they are essentially built on top of the ash and volcanic debris. The island is now a big provider of sand and aggregates for construction, all courtesy of the volcano.


The edge of the exclusion zone looking toward Plymouth, immediately below the front two condos was a cricket pitch. If you look at the top left corner of the left hand building you can see the score board. There won’t be any sixes scored here.


The next day we set sail and cruised down the coast, Sir George Martin, who died recently, had a recording studio on the island (AIR Montserrat) until it was destroyed in Hurricane Hugo in 1989. After the volcano he organised a concert to raise money for the island and with the funds this cultural centre was built.


As close as we got, there is a 2 km exclusion zone off the coast.


Like being back in Rotorua, sulphur.  A more distant view: