Our first destination in the Canaries was Las Palmas, a port I had been involved in but never visited.


Two of the rigs I used to work with when they came to Las Palmas for dockings, now not working.


We stayed in Las Palmas for about three days but the marina was big and too far from the town so we moved over to Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

Surprised to see snow on the hills behind the town.


The whole point of the visit was to store up, bunker and have Mark join us for the Atlantic crossing.

2 thoughts on “Canaries

  1. richard says:

    Hi Sean
    Marine traffic has you in the Caribbean for the last (St Johns/Monserrat) 2 weeks,I hope you’re not doing a Donald Crowhurst


    • kapowaicruising says:

      Hi Richard,

      Looks like I’ve been sprung. Poor internet is the real reason so the blog is always behind the boat but have a new system now from ‘Roaming Expert’ so catching up quickly. The blog arrived in Antigua today.

      Rgds Sean


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