There was not much at Smir which is more of a resort town. We hired a guide for a day and went down to the town of Tetouan.  At one time the capital of Spanish Morocco it dates from the 9th Century.

The medina (old town) is a word heritage site.  This photo shows a typical layout in the medina.


It is divided by occupation with each area full of the same trade. We visited the tanners, a smell that remains with you, surrounding it was all the leather workers. Lois bought some hand made sandals.


Fresh produce.


It was a maze though and without a guide we would still be there. Strangely the locals all thought I was Moroccan and often talked to me in Arabic. They were quite puzzled when I said I spoke english. You are one of us they said. Its either a weathered look or too much Guiness.


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