Passage to Canaries

Leaving Smir we headed back across the strait to Gibraltar to bunker. On completion we sailed late in the afternoon for Las Palmas.

The trip down was uneventful, plenty of traffic, wind from astern but a very large beam swell.

The only interesting item was a whale sighting, a sperm whale on the surface.


A regular black one though.


There was not much at Smir which is more of a resort town. We hired a guide for a day and went down to the town of Tetouan.  At one time the capital of Spanish Morocco it dates from the 9th Century.

The medina (old town) is a word heritage site.  This photo shows a typical layout in the medina.


It is divided by occupation with each area full of the same trade. We visited the tanners, a smell that remains with you, surrounding it was all the leather workers. Lois bought some hand made sandals.


Fresh produce.


It was a maze though and without a guide we would still be there. Strangely the locals all thought I was Moroccan and often talked to me in Arabic. They were quite puzzled when I said I spoke english. You are one of us they said. Its either a weathered look or too much Guiness.



After a pleasant stay in Ceuta we headed down the coast to Marina Smir in Morocco.  Here is the lighthouse at the SE tip of Ceuta.


Marina Smir, dock office plus all the officials.  The Marina was a bit run down over the winter but the staff were friendly and it seemed to be well regarded by the regular users. Inward we had no problems but there was some delays getting out as Customs didn’t like the registration for some reason