The Rock – Part 5.

We eventually arrived at the northern end of the rock and had a look round the old tunnels. They were started in 1782 to find a firing position overlooking the area the besieging French & Spanish troops would assemble prior to attacking.  Unfortunately they were a bit dark for photos.

We did get one of these two fine figures. One is dressed in military uniform, the other is a dummy.


The Rock – Part 4.

At the battery, and after a very thorough look round, we risked having our packed lunch. Luckily no visitors.

After lunch we followed the path down and up following the ridge line to the cable car station. Excellent views all round.


Looking across Gibraltar Bay towards Algeciras. Queensway Marina in the centre.


The Rock – Part 3.

Once we got to St. Michael’s Cave we ran into the famous monkeys, actually a Barbary Macaque. They are from the Atlas mountains and were brought across by the moors.


Coming out of the caves we made the mistake of having a biscuit. They were onto us in a flash, a big’un menaced Lois who threw the biscuits away. One then grabbed them and her jacket and dashed over a fence and away. Luckily Christopher could get over the fence and got the jacket back.

Chocolate hob nobs are now known as monkey biscuits.




The Rock – Part 1

With Christopher here we decided to walk the rock. Up from the marina, past the botanical gardens and then the long hike to the entrance to the park. Here is a memorial to the rock as one of the pillars of Hercules.


From here it was an easy climb to the first attraction, St Michael’s Cave. ¬†Formed by rainwater leaking into the limestone they are very old. Both neanderthal (40,000 years ago) and early human (15 – 20,000 years ago) artifacts have been found within the cave structures. The upper chamber has been turned into an auditorium.








Botanical Garden

We arrived early in the morning and had a walk round. We didn’t want to do too much as our son was joining us in a couple of days and we would only have to do it all again. So we concentrated on those things he wouldn’t want to do – bars, night clubs and fine dining. Once he was here it would be long walks and muesli bars so it was best to get those items out of the way. As this is a family blog those activities will not be covered.

We did do the botanical garden and here are a few photos.





Portimao Scenes

Some photos of the town and area.

A panorama of the marina and associated shops and apartments.


A derelict building on the way into town, lovely river side section. Wonder what events led to its present condition.


A church in town


The beach late in the afternoon. Surfers were active most days and when the wind was right there were para surfers as well. Unfortunately most of the beach side bars were closed for winter.